Carpet Cleaning

Our Trained Technicians restore the fresh clean appearance. smell and sanitation of the carpet throughout your home and in most cases can remove stains, traffic patterns and odors completely, including Pet Issues.

DanCare does Steam Cleaning also known as Hot Water Extraction to clean carpet and other surfaces with up to date, powerful truck mounted equipment. Steam Cleaning provides a deep rinsing of the carpet fibers removing soil, spots, odors and allergens.

Most major carpet manufacturers require steam cleaning on a regular schedule to maintain their warranty.

Our Carpet Cleaning Service Features

  • Placing Corner Guards and covering wood floors, etc. for protection
  • Pre-Vacuuming
  • Pre-Treating spots and traffic areas
  • Furniture moving and replacement
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Carpet Grooming
  • Placing Air Movers to Reduce Drying time


In most any case we can make your carpet look great again. Stretching for Ripples, Seam Separation Repair, Patching, Transition Strip Repair or Permanent Stain Removal does not have to mean replacement. Our trained repair technicians can make almost any problem disappear.