Area Rug Cleaning

DanCare’s area rug specialists will restore the vibrance and bright colors of your Area Rugs. Like all floor covering regular cleaning will restore the appearance and extend the life of your area rugs. Our technicians are specially trained to deal with difficult stains from pet accidents, coffee, Kool-Aid, Ink, juice, red wine and other spills.

  • Rug Cleaning & Rug Repairs
  • Rug Protection Treatments
  • Edge Surging and Binding
  • Fringe Replacement & Hole Reweaving
  • Stain & Moth Repellent
  • Pet Stain & Pet Odor Removal
  • Water and Mildew Solutions
  • Custom Rug Pads
  • Rug Appraisals and Evaluations

Our Area Rug Care Specialists are trained in Rug Cleaning, Repair, and Restoration Services for Machine and Handmade Rugs:

  • Oriental Rug Cleaning & Persian Rug Cleaning
  • Navajo Rug Cleaning & Sheepskin Rug Cleaning
  • Silk Rug Cleaning & Wool Rug Cleaning
  • Leather Shag Rugs & Cowhide Rug Cleaning
  • Specialty and Heirloom Area Rugs