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Grout Cleaning in Albuquerque

The Best Way to Clean Grout in Your Home? Call Albuquerque’s Most Professional Grout Cleaning Company

Tile makes a durable and attractive choice for the flooring in your Albuquerque home, but if you’re like most of us, it’s probably been some time since you paid attention to the material that bonds the tiles together. Yes, at Dancare Carpet Cleaning Inc., we’re talking about unglamorous, hard-working grout.

What Is Grout and Why Does it Get Dirty?

If you inherited your home from a previous owner, there’s a pretty good chance you didn’t choose the tiling in your kitchen, bathroom, or main foyer. Which means you might not know about the material that holds it together! Grout is a sort of cement mixture that is applied between tiles as a thick paste. A special tool called a grout float is used to smooth the grout into the spaces between the tile. Wait 24-48 hours and your floor or wall is good to go!

Unfortunately, it’s the same material properties that make grout an excellent choice to bond tile together that also make grout get dirty easily. We’re sure that you’ve walked into a kitchen or bathroom before where the tile was dirty and stained. Maybe even your own—we’re not judging! But tile is naturally very resistant to stains as its surface is smooth and hard.

If you’ve ever seen tiling that was dirty and unclean, it’s likely the fault of the grout in between the tiles. See, grout is a very porous material. This allows air to pass through it and harden it into the durable substance we know and love. But it also allows dirt, stains, and grime to get trapped in the pockets of material.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what the original colour of the grout was meant to be! Lucky for Albuquerque homeowners, there’s a fix.

How to Clean Grout

Honestly, the best solution for tile and grout cleaning is to call a tile grout cleaning company. Professional grout cleaning and tile restoration are Dancare Carpet Cleaning Inc.’s specialty.

If you choose, you can try to remove grout stain yourself. But it’s not an easy job. It requires smoothing an abrasive solvent into the grout and then scrubbing the spaces between the tiles within an inch of their lives. We’ve seen frustrated homeowners go at this with a toothbrush— the work is that delicate!

The best way to clean grout is to pay for professional tile and grout cleaning. Tile grout cleaning companies have access to specialized equipment and training that make cleaning the grout in your home easier. Getting rid of grout stain doesn’t have to be backbreaking labor with the right tools.

By using steam cleaning, special green-friendly chemicals, and our years of expertise, your kitchen or bathroom tile will be looking better than new in no time.

If the tile in your home has become an unfortunate eyesore and you need to borrow a little elbow grease, give the area’s best choice for grout cleaning and tile restoration a call. What are you waiting for?