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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Edgewood

Whether they mention it or not, your clients notice and appreciate your business’s cleanliness. This includes fresh, clean carpets free of stains and debris.

Whether you have an office building, retail location, practice, clinic, industrial facility, or any other Edgewood-area enterprise, it is likely that you have carpet in a common area.

Carpet is a wonderful addition to any space—it’s comfortable, attractive, and very durable. However, especially in a business setting, carpeting sees a lot of traffic and needs to be thoroughly cleaned with some frequency.

Dancare Carpet Cleaning Inc. is Edgewood’s top commercial carpet cleaner for a number of good reasons. Our highly qualified staff have years of experience cleaning carpet and rugs of all types.

We use the best, most efficient materials and products on the market to provide rapid and meticulous carpet cleaning.

We are also pleased to offer exceptional customer service, affordable rates, and free estimates for our carpet cleaning services.

For the best carpet cleaner for your Edgewood business, contact Dancare Carpet Cleaning Inc.!

Fast, Reliable Carpet Cleaners

Did you know your carpet will last significantly longer if it is regularly maintained?

Even a monthly cleaning will greatly reduce soil build up to your business’s carpet. It’s a simple, affordable way to keep your carpet looking fresh.

While anytime is a good time to have your carpets cleaned, many business owners opt for more frequent carpet cleaning in the spring or fall. These are the seasons when mud and rain tends to be inadvertently tracked in onto the carpet.

The experts at Dancare Carpet Cleaning Inc. work quickly without disrupting business operations as usual. Any spots or stains will be removed easily and completely, giving your carpet a new lease on life.

Some people might not think very much about their carpet, but it is often the first impression that clients and customers have of your location. A well-maintained, vacuumed carpet can be a time-consuming task that those of us with busy schedules may not have the time for.

For easy, affordable carpet cleaning, call Dancare Carpet Cleaning Inc. today. We can even set up a regular cleaning schedule for your business, ensuring that is stays immaculate in all seasons.

Carpet Cleaning Process

Dancare Carpet Cleaning Inc. has a wide range of machinery and products to effectively clean any and every commercial carpet.

When our representatives arrive at your Edgewood business location, we will begin with an inspection. This will give us a sense of the carpet’s age and condition, any particularly damaged areas, and severe stains.

A full vacuuming of the carpet will also be completed. It is crucial to remove dry soil prior to the carpet cleaning.

We will then carefully move and relocate any furniture off of the carpet. Extremely large or heavy items may be left if they would be dangerous or impossible to move.

Your carpet will be pre-sprayed, pre-spotted, and pre-groomed using Dancare Carpet Cleaning Inc.’s excellent products. We will then proceed with the hot water extraction, flushing the carpet free of any dirt or remnants.

A pH neutralizer will be used to ensure the carpet isn’t left with a sticky residue. Following a post-spot treatment and post-groom, it will be time to dry. This takes one to two hours. After an inspection, your carpet will be clean, like new, and ready to use again.

Call Dancare Carpet Cleaning Inc. for your business’s quote today!