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Carpet Cleaning in Edgewood

Is your home’s carpet starting to look a little dirty? Is it looking worse for wear? You might be wondering why that is. After all, don’t you vacuum that carpet every once in a while? Isn’t vacuuming enough?

Can you remember the last time you had your carpet cleaned by a professional? If you can’t remember, well, that’s a surefire sign you are due for a visit from Edgewood’s most-trusted carpet cleaning experts, Dancare Carpet Cleaning Inc..

Maybe you’re not easily persuaded. Maybe your carpet looks clean as it is. Keep in mind, looks can be deceiving. Just because your carpet looks clean, doesn’t mean it isn’t harboring pesky germs. There might be harmful pollutants, bacteria, and irritating allergens just sitting on the fibers of your home or office’s carpet! Just because they’re not as easy to spot as the average coffee stain doesn’t mean they’re not doing their own damage to your home.

Does your carpet feel sticky under your shoes or bare feet? Are your family members or co-workers sneezing a little more than usual? It could be a sign that your Edgewood carpet needs some professional carpet cleaning.

Professional Carpet Cleaners Near Me

Unsure who to call for carpet cleaning help? Why not call Edgewood’s most-trusted carpet care experts? We’ll do whatever it takes to revitalize your carpet. Do you need your carpet shampooed? No problem. Need professional steam cleaning? You got it. We’re prepared to do whatever’s necessary to restore your carpet to its former glory! Just give us a call.

Professional Steam Cleaning for Your Carpet

There is one mistake of every homeowner, office manager, and building manager in the Edgewood area makes, and it is related to how their carpets are cared for. They think that their carpets are clean just because they vacuum them once a week. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Vacuuming does not count as carpet cleaning. Vacuuming is the least you should do for your carpets, and that’s it. The standard vacuum cleaner seen in homes and broom closets is perfect for daily upkeep, but those small vacuums are not powerful enough to give your carpet everything it needs.

To keep your carpet in healthy shape, it needs a thorough cleaning that a vacuum cleaner cannot provide. At Dancare Carpet Cleaning Inc., we recommend steam cleaning your carpet about once a year. If once a year sounds excessive, why not just include it in your annual spring cleaning chore list?

What does a steam cleaner do for your carpet? We can’t speak for the steam cleaners that other residential carpet cleaners use, but ours? It gives your carpet the most thorough, deep cleaning imaginable!

The steam cleaner heats the water held within the machine until it turns to vapor. Once it has vaporized, the vapor is applied to the carpet. When that high-temperature vapor hits the dirt, grime, and bacteria on your carpet, your carpet is well on its way to looking cleaner than it has in years!

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